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iPhone 7

iPhone 7
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
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iPhone 7
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
iPhone 7
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Manufacturer  : APPLE

The iPhone 7 dramatically enhances the most important aspects of an iPhone experience. Introduces advanced new camera systems, better performance, unique stereo speakers and the longest battery life an iPhone has ever had. With even brighter screen for better color rendering and water resistance

  • Made to withstand water

              With its interior completely rebuilt, the iPhone 7 is the first water-resistant iPhone. Thus, you will be protected from raindrops and dust. The iPhone 7 is now with you in every moment of everyday life

  • Home key redesigned.

            Using an advanced fingerprint reader, which is faster than ever, Touch ID makes unlocking your iPhone easier and more secure. At the same time, your favorite sophisticated key is designed to be faster than ever and even more durable. With the new Taptic Engine, it gives you absolute accuracy from the first moment you press it

  • 12MP camera

              The iPhone 7 comes with an optical image stabilization to reduce blurry images and flicker in photos, f / 1.8 aperture that allows you to shoot with 50% more light compared to the iPhone 6s and quad LED flash that adapts to the color of the environment that you take pictures

  • Now videos are like movies

             The iPhone 7 allows you to capture in 4K resolution, with more than 8 million pixels at a time. Shoot unique videos in slow motion mode and 1080p or 720p HD resolution and make a difference, or record time in Time-Lapse mode to see the world moving at a very slow pace

  • 7MP front camera

              The Facetime HD camera on the front of the iPhone 7, not only has better resolution, but uses a wider range of colors to capture even the smallest detail. So now you can take more accurate and more vivid selfies. Retina Flash perfectly suits the environment around you to take selfies exactly as your friends actually see you

  • The brightest screen ever on an iPhone

              Everything that happens on the iPhone 7 starts from the screen. It is the place where you see your photos, send your messages and start your day reading the news. The 4.7 "screen of the iPhone 7 has a resolution of 1334x750 pixels and is 25% brighter than that of the iPhone 6s. It can and does represent colors with cinematic precision while the shadows appear in more detail in each of their form so this is exactly what happens in the real world

  • The most powerful chipset in a smartphone

              The iPhone 7 is powered by the most powerful chipset ever on a smartphone. Not only is it faster, it is also smarter. The A10 Fusion comes with a 4-core design where compared to the iPhone 6s you will have 2 times more speed. With this chipset, you will now have more time between charges, which translates into greater autonomy. The iPhone 7 will give you up to 2 more hours of battery compared to the iPhone 6 to charge it only when you want it


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Ανάλυση Τρίτης Βασικής Κάμερας
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